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Week 8 Blog Poll (The Ballot Of The Smoking Musket)

Ok, so The Smoking Musket's version of the Blog Poll took a few weeks off, mostly because I was too busy out on the streets moonlighting as a masked superhero, risking the life of one to save the lives of many (or I lost the link to the voting page and was too lazy to ask someone for help.  Good excuse, right?).

But, no matter what the national emergency that kept me away (completing forgetting that I admitted my stupidity a paragraph earlier), we're back with a vengeance.

Mark my words, Florida will lose before the SEC Championship.  Their games look like the WWE they're so fixed.  Honestly, Vegas should spot them an extra three points just for the referees, and in reality it's been more valuable to them than just three.  Also, TCU seems to be for real, and have actually played a decent schedule to prove it.

So, that's all of my comments...

Rank Team
1 Alabama
2 Texas
3 Florida
4 Cincinnati
6 Iowa
7 Boise State
9 Southern Cal
10 Oregon
11 Georgia Tech
12 Oklahoma State
13 Penn State
14 West Virginia
15 Pittsburgh
16 Utah
17 Virginia Tech
18 Miami (Florida)
19 Houston
20 South Carolina
21 Arizona
22 Notre Dame
23 Ohio State
24 California
25 Central Michigan


...please, tell me where I'm wrong, because I know I am.