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WVU vs. UConn: Grades and Thoughts

Miserable. Frustrating. What the hell is going on out there? Get your head out of your ass.  These were all things said by yours truly during Saturday's game against UConn.  I pulled my hair out and simply could not watch this performance at times.

If we perform like this any more down the stretch, we will get beat multiple times.  It is prettier than you think because we won, but these are the worst grades of the season.

O-Line: C-  There were only a few pass plays in which JB did not have someone in his face or bearing down on his backside.  Devine had no room to run in the first half and made a lot of his own plays in the second half.  This unit was getting manhandled at times, but came up with some big blocks late in the game. 

Jarrett Brown: C- Again, there were flashes of brilliance, but he could not put a full game together.  He looked absolutely terrible most of the game and turned the ball over.  However, he stepped up to make a few key throws in the second half to keep drives alive and move the ball.

He ran out of bounds on a couple plays where a slide would've netted him at least 2-3 more yards.  He also appeared to slow down and not run into hits when they were unavoidable.To me, it showed that he played scared on Saturday.  While it is understandable, I hope that he gets over this real quick and becomes the JB of old this Friday against USF.

Noel Devine: A++++++++++++++++He was bottled up and frustrated in the first half, but kept plugging along and broke runs when we needed him the most.  One more year, Mr. Devine, one more year.

Defense: C-   I would like to give them a D but they did enough in the fourth quarter to win.  They intercepted a pass which would've ended the game but Richardson gave it back on the fumble.  They finally secured the win with another INT.

Glover took some horrible angles on UConn's two biggest plays.  I have no clue what he was thinking on either of those plays. [ed. Nate Sowers looked to spend the better part of the game on his ass.]

We still have trouble timing our blitzes and getting consistent pressure on the QB.  It is also impossible for us to cover anyone on a crossing pattern. [ed. Theriously.]  Getting into the toughest part of WVU's schedule, these could be huge problems. Obvi.

Kick-off coverage: D They did not give up a TD, so it was not a total failure.  We have too many guys outside the numbers and not enough in the middle.  This is great if the kick is really high and we have at least one guy get off a block, but if they are held up and the returner can get toward the middle, we are in deep shit.

Kick Returns: A Tavon Austin is so close to breaking every return, it is scary.

Scott Kozlowski: B+ One poor punt but he is just booming the ball and helping flip field position.