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Secondary Recruiting Violations Could Be Reported At WVU

If you attended Mountaineer Madness, you saw the great display of support from the Mountaineer Maniacs toward star recruit Adreian Payne.  The Maniacs made t-shirts, signs, and passed out flyers describing specific cheers to give Payne attention during the pre-Madness festivities.  While this shows great knowledge and awareness by the Maniacs, it could also be a recruiting violation.

As Mike Casazza points out in the Daily Mail, this involvement by the Maniacs, the largest student organization on campus, could be seen as the University promoting/celebrating Payne's visit.  As usual, WVU's compliance department is being proactive with this issue and has already been in contact with the Big East about whether a violation did occur. 

Hopefully, nothing will come of this, since nobody within the basketball program gave him any special recognition during the actual Madness festivities.  There was a close call when Truck Bryant went off the cuff and started to run over to Mr. Payne, but was luckily (ed.: yes, "luckily") stopped by an assistant coach before anything occurred.  If we do report a violation, it will only a very minor punishment.