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Secondary Recruiting Violations Could Be Reported At WVU

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If you attended Mountaineer Madness, you saw the great display of support from the Mountaineer Maniacs toward star recruit Adreian Payne.  The Maniacs made t-shirts, signs, and passed out flyers describing specific cheers to give Payne attention during the pre-Madness festivities.  While this shows great knowledge and awareness by the Maniacs, it could also be a recruiting violation.

As Mike Casazza points out in the Daily Mail, this involvement by the Maniacs, the largest student organization on campus, could be seen as the University promoting/celebrating Payne's visit.  As usual, WVU's compliance department is being proactive with this issue and has already been in contact with the Big East about whether a violation did occur. 

Hopefully, nothing will come of this, since nobody within the basketball program gave him any special recognition during the actual Madness festivities.  There was a close call when Truck Bryant went off the cuff and started to run over to Mr. Payne, but was luckily (ed.: yes, "luckily") stopped by an assistant coach before anything occurred.  If we do report a violation, it will only a very minor punishment.