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WVU vs. Colorado: Thoughts And Feelings


There were times where I could not watch the game last night. I was frustrated beyond belief by so many things at once, I had to just sit down and put my head in my hands while everyone was standing. I even poked myself in the eye a couple times because I could not believe what I was seeing.

We were world beaters the entire game. We would start to beat ourselves and then we would beat down Colorado. In the end I go back to old faithful, "You play to win the game!"

That being said, my thoughts and rants are after the jump...

#1 Noel Devine
We're not worthy!! We're not worthy!! We're not worthy!! I hope Mullen got the picture that Noel needs to touch the ball early and often. He showed the nation again, that he is a playmaker and deserves a lot more attention than he is getting.

#2 "The Cheer Chant" - EPIC FAIL

The "instructional video" before the game by the Mountainette was much better than the old dude swinging his arm like a monkey. The bad thing though, is that the stadium was still only half full when the video came on. That led to most people not having any clue about the cheer.

I was excited about this "new/old" cheer because it had the potential for being pretty dang sweet. However, I was so pumped after the opening kick-off, I completely forgot about it and just started screaming like I normally do. I hope they try it again but this chant is better suited for The Coliseum during basketball season.


I hope HCBS goes all "The Program" on these players asses this week. Not the laying down in the road part but our skill guys should be forced to carry the football everywhere they go. If someone makes them fumble the player should do 20 push-ups on the spot. That would teach them a thing or two about ball security.

#4 Turnovers

It is not longer a blip on the screen. it is an epidemic. This team now has to prove that they are capable of NOT turning the ball over. It is a head shaker but what can you do to teach guys that have been playing football their whole lives the importance of ball security.


I was obviously at the game, so I no clue how bad it was, but everyone I have talked to said ESPN was ripping us a new asshole the entire. They ripped our students, our players for being in good spirits, our coach for his faces, our fans because of the cheer, our facilities and just our program in general. Any information is much needed.

To me, ESPN is becoming the Walmart of sports coverage. You want to avoid supporting them but it is almost impossible because it is the only thing left. I feel an ESPN bashing post coming next week when I am working on more than 2 hours sleep.

#6 Our fans

I understand being critical when criticism is due but think before you speak. It was actually hard for me to enjoy the game at times last night because the fans around me were making patently absurd comments that showed their absolute lack of football knowledge.


On Noel's second run where he lost yards. "Bench his ass, run forward."

After JB's fumble. "Put Gino Smith in you idiot. Screw this season, let's build for the future."

After a counter was stopped for no gain. "Run the Devine play again." After that play is stuffed completely seriously. "That play never works, THROW THE BALL" I turned around and stared at the dude.

All the people behind me did was make fun of HCBS and Wes Lyons the entire game. Not one positive statement like "Great run by Noel, or hell of a pass break-up by Reed." They screamed don't be a hick Stew you moron or throw it to Wes he is the green giant, hahahaha. Funny the first time the 72 time was a little too much.

#7 Cornerbacks

left blank because they did nothing last night

#8 Scary good

If our team ever gets out of their way, watch out. We could KILL people. Will it ever happen? I don't know but I sure damn hope so.