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Turnovers - An Invitation For Discussion

We all (or at least most of us) know how we were usually on the plus side of the TO battle (and one of the national leaders no less) under the previous staff. I'm just as frustrated as anyone else and I'm not making excuses with this post (at least not intentionally). BUT... I honestly don't know how you can lay the TO thing on the staff. They've been different each game (ECU-muffed punts, AU-INT's, and CU-fumbles) and be fair, one of the fumbles last night was on the D.

You can credit defensive coaches on the plus side of it for the positions they put the kids in, teaching stripping techniques, etc. Other than JB carrying the ball like he does (and the coaches have made plenty of points about that one themselves), I don't know what else the O coaches can do, other than the aforementioned drills. There really are just so many ways to carry a ball correctly and I'm pretty sure the coaches emphasize that. Correcting mis-communication between QB and receivers is one thing that you can lay on them and drilling into them the right decision to make in such and such situation. But ultimately, the players have to make that decision.

Maybe it IS a mindset thing that this staff isn't doing enough. I don't know. I'm not there everyday in meetings or practice. Just don't kid yourself to think they aren't concerned though. I'm really not trying to make excuses here. I'm asking a serious question. Other than the fact that coaches have to be ultimately accountable, how is it the coaches fault? Your thoughts...