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Recruiting 101: 2010 WR Ivan McCartney

We're going to be speaking in the hypothetical tense (easier than the third person, ala The Krag) for a moment, so bear with me.

Let's just say you're West Virginia University's football staff, and for right now, you're focusing on recruiting. Let's also assume, just for argument's sake, that you have your #1 target at wide receiver scheduled for a visit this weekend. This is a big-time target, ranked #13 in the nation with offers from most of the major schools throughout the country. In short, a highly-coveted prospect.

Now, let's assume that you also have the chance to bring in another player for a visit, this time an already committed player who verballed to the Mountaineer some months ago. Who would you bring in? A punter? A lineman? Or the #1 dual-threat QB in the nation per Wouldn't the #1 dual-threat QB probably be able to sway the top WR into possibly attending school together?

Yeah, I thought so too. So that's what's going down this weekend: Ivan McCartney and Barry Brunetti will be attending both Mountaineer Madness and the WVU vs. Marshall game this weekend. It would be an absolute coup to add McCartney's name to the verballed roster, and having Brunetti on campus should do nothing but help that cause. I'm starting to think this staff is pretty damn good at this whole recruiting thing.

Before I let you go, one last question: were all the hypothetical questions really necessary?