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WVU Deserves A Better Class Of Fans

Entertain me...

That is the motto of many WVU students and alumni that attend Mountaineer sporting events these days. Over the years, the atmosphere in the Coliseum and at Mountaineer Field has left something to be desired. Many of our "fans" have become spoiled little brats.

They sit on their hands, drink their wine and eat their cheese until something major happens. Only then will they give a polite Masters clap at the effort. Then, with five minutes left in any game, they pack up their Grey Poupon and head for the exits to beat traffic.

Instead of attempting to have an impact on the game -- by making actual noise -- y'all would rather sit on your ass so you can bitch and moan about how bad the team and coaches are performing. While your doing this, you are missing your opportunity to have an impact on the game by making it too loud for the other team to piss straight.

Young said after the game, he had never heard the Coliseum as quiet as it was on Sunday. For a guy who has seemed to be at Pitt forever, that’s saying something. [DA Tony Dubies]

For the fucking Backyard Brawl, we can't make enough noise for this idiot to be thrown off his game. Are you serious? We have failed as fans.

I was sitting in the student section with my fuck buddy for this game and let me just say, "Y'all are LAME." More people wanted to talk about the kid who puked in front of me than wanted to yell when Pitt had the ball. I was given cross looks when I yelled "OOOOO" when Pitt had the ball.

Most students just stood there with dumbass looks on their faces, like you had no clue what to do. JUST MAKE NOISE. A former D+ student who was still drunk from the night before -- me -- knew what to do.

I really don't even want to get started on the regular ticket holders because they might as well have stayed at home for the noise they made. They only stood up three times the entire game. Only one of those times was was to cheer on our team. The final two were for the t-shirt toss and to leave en mass at the 5 minute mark.

It is a sad state of affairs at WVU games these days. There is a lack of noise, no veracity in our cheers, and the general attitude of us fans suck. Many of us talk about how our coaches can improve by doing this, that, and the other. However, before we go any further with our criticism, let's look in the mirror and realize that in the past 4 years, we as fans have sucked ass too.

People once feared coming into the Coliseum and Mountaineer Field. Now we are no better than a campfire story. Something that is scary when you're told about it but you know it isn't true.

It is time for a change. Stop worrying about bubble screens, no big options in the post, or a coach messing with his headset and cheer on our team. We once had an impact on games and we can again. Fucking step up and do your part.

I know I will!