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Who Is This Todd McShay Guy Anyway?

Todd McShay talks about practice way too much. Did this cat even play any sports?

As you can tell, I had serious doubts about Todd McShay's expertise on evaluating football "talent", so I looked up his credentials. It is now perfectly clear why he values "practice" over how a player performs in a real game. All this chump did was practice.

The only time he set foot on the playing field during a game was to run out to get the tee after kick-offs.

On Wikipedia, which is always 100% accurate, it states that he attempted to walk-on as a quarterback at the University of Richmond but was switched to DB because he was a no talent ass-clown. During his time as a Spider he saw little to no playing time but practiced very hard.

If you ask him I am sure he will tell you that he was the best QB/DB during practice but was never given a shot at playing. He out hustled everyone in practice but couldn't catch a break. In his eyes he was a first team All-American but the coaches hated him. Who cares about the game McShay would say, it is all about practice.

So for the simple fact that Patrick White did not practice at wide-receiver during the week you give him a D+. Did you also want him touch you in your tiny special place? He wants to play QB, give him a shot and you won't be sorry about your pick. He is an athlete and a winner, any idiot can see that during games.

Where are your comments after he garnered MVP honors? He showed patience and a stronger, more accurate arm than Graham Harrell. He can show his athletic ability during the combine. Prepare to be wrong about Patrick White Mr. McShay.

Iverson Practice! (via gordievsky)

[Photo courtesy of ESPN]