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The "Pat White as an NFL QB" Argument

The guy just makes plays.

That's all I see everywhere I look on the internet. The guy just makes plays. And at some point, isn't that enough?

Do me a favor and read CFN's Pete Fiutak's Stream of Consciousness from the Senior Bowl. It details the entire game in real-time. I mention the real-time part because he mentions Pat White as MVP at least twice during the game. He also says the words, "he just makes plays" at least twice.

White is making things happen. He's not an NFL passer, but he's a weapon and someone is going to fall madly in love with the idea of what he might be able to do.

At some point, doesn't making things happen often enough make you an NFL quarterback? Listen, I'm not saying Pat White is Peyton Manning. I'm not even saying he can be a game-changer like Michael Vick. But the guy just gets it done.

White put the ball where it needed to be ... he just makes things happen.

So if Todd McShay wants to watch practice and completely write him off as a QB prospect, fine by me. But I know some team is going to give him a shot to take at least 5-10 snaps a game. If they don't, they're missing the boat.

If he plays well duing those 5-10 snaps, why not 10-15? If that works, why not 15-20? At some point, he might even earn a starting job in the NFL. And if not, at least he's seeing the field and making the defense prepare for something completely different.

That in of itself is worth drafting him on the first day.

[photo courtesy Yahoo Rivals]