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Really, Rich Rodriguez? Really!?!

Really Rich? Of all the possible defensive coaches in this great nation we call America, you chose to hire Greg Robinson. Really!?!

Rich, you just hired a man that just got done putting the finishing touches on a 10-37 record at Syracuse. Really? 10-37 isn't good. In fact, it's quite bad. And you chose to hire this guy over, say....anyone else? Really!?!

Over all the other qualified candidates, you chose the one that once told Syracuse fans the team's positive attitude could, "maybe snowball into something that could catch fire." Really!?!

After the single worst season in Michigan history, you decided to bring on a coordinator that has a worse career record.  Really!?!  Couldn't Dusty have warned you about this one?  Or can he not do math either?


[Big thanks to Nunes Magician]