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Rough Patch

Normally, when I talk about a rough patch, I am referring to some type of "rash" I have from an adventurous weekend encounter with a lady. This time, however, I am referring to four out of WVU's next five games on the hardwood.

Hell, seven of our next nine games are against ranked teams. In all but one of those games we are younger and smaller than our opponent.

With road tilts against Georgetown, Louisville, and Syracuse, maintaining our position just outside the top 25 and near the top of the Big East will be a tough task. It may look like we are in for a rough patch but the recent play of these guys (minus Marquette) makes me feel fairly confident.

Truck, Ebanks, and Jones need be more consistent with their play to give Butler and Ruoff a break from carrying the load. The time is now for these freshmen to step up. If they can raise their games even a little bit we should fine during this stretch of games. If they struggle they may not find that confidence this season and we could struggle down the stretch.

It should be exciting to watch.

Sorry, but Felipe Lopez does not have a fifth year of eligibility, so we can chalk up St. John's as a W. . We then need to win two out of four against ranked teams. Fifty percent may not sound good but that would leave us in great position for a spot in the NCAA tournament.

If we lose three of four Huggins should be fired. Wait, what? SHUT UP YOU IDIOTS. To hear that some of our fans seriously think Huggins has, "lost his touch" and should be let go if we don't make it to the tournament this year, does not surprise me one bit. Some of y'all are crazy and need stick to making meth in your trailer.

So let's strap it up and get ready for the ride. But we should have some Valtrex ready in case it gets a little too rough.

My predictions: at Georgtown = W; Pittsburgh = L; St. John's = W; at Louisville = L; at Syracuse = W