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About The Smoking Musket

Here at The Smoking Musket, we’re just three guys who wanted to start their own blog about WVU and the Mountaineers. At the same time, we enjoy gratuitous pictures of hot chicks, unneeded cursing, and verbally (and pictorially) killing our opponents’ players, coaches, and fans. It’s the American dream.

But we can’t accomplish this dream by ourselves. We rely on you, the witty reader, for help. You guys send us great links* and post hilarious comments** and basically keep this blog afloat. Without you, we’re just three guys talking to ourselves. So, the moral of the story is this: send us tips. Send us a lot of them. And send them to

* may or may not be great
** may or may not be hilarious

UPDATE:  Now with the move to SBNation, there is the chance for a ton more interactivity and participation by you, the loyal reader.

With FanPosts, you'll be able to write your own blog entries about basically whatever you like.  If the post is liked well enough by the other readers or our editorial staff, you'll even get it posted on the main page as a contribution to the site.  But be careful, if you're too good, we'll fear a coup and have you executed.

With FanShots, it's close to the same concept as FanPosts, just shorter.  These usually consist of a link, video, quote, etc.

So, please, with these new options, take advantage of them.  We want The Smoking Musket to be the best community on the internet.  With your help, we can make that happen.  Also, there might be a pizza party involved.