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Is It Ironic, Or Am I As Dumb As Alanis Morisette?

Is it ironic that Boston College will fire Jackoffzinski if he takes an interview with the Jets, which shows "disloyalty," when only a few years back BC left the Big East for ASS Conference?

Loaylty? Are you fucking kidding me? The Big East kept you relevant when your programs sucked. I hope you fire him and don't win a game next year but the ASS sucks so they could luck into winning 10 games.

Whether it is ironic or not, Gene DeFilippo (pictured above) is an asshole and should be kicked in the taint everyday. Oh yeah, I hope Jared Dudley is bald and homeless somewhere. I hate that guy.

I could not find the Ed Hill catch so enjoy Angel Estrada destroying a BC receiver.