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Random Goodness

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It may be cliche but fuck it. It is a great night to be a Mountaineer wherever you may be. The football team finished this season on a positive note and showed that there are great things to come in the future.

The basketball team absolutely embarrassed tOSU. While it was a total team performance, our freshmen played one hell of a game. Things could get special from here on out. Great game by everyone.

Now some random thoughts...


I just got back to SC from the game but I do not have my computer with me. I couldn't wait a couple days to see all the positive comments following our game so I drove to a hotel and went into its "business center."

I get on here and the message boards and my jaw hits the floor. It says something about some of our fan base when fans of our rivals and opponents have better things to say about our team than you do. Pitt fans are happier about our win than some of you.

Of all the positives you could talk about from the game, you say this is the end of WVU as a football school. You still criticize HCBS and Jeff Mullen for how terrible they coach. Take a deep breathe and enjoy the win, it feels almost as good as a blow job.

I have called for Mullen to be fired, until now. After a game of only two bad play calls, he has another year. We threw the ball down the field and ran the ball when we needed. We took what the defense gave us and took a lot of it.


Pat White is the greatest football player in Mountaineer history and, as Charley said, should have his number retired. I also think it would be fucking sweet to build a statute of his run against Louisville last year, with his arm raised and finger telling everyone who was number one.


HCBS you are my head coach and did a damn good job today. Mullen, you stepped up HUGE with your game-plan and play calls. Casteel, you put your guys in positions to make plays and when it came down to time, they performed.

Great job by this team and this coaching staff. HELL YEAH