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The Mullen That Got Away

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The best young offensive coordinator this side of Chip Kelley is no longer on the market, and his name is Mullen.

No, not Jeff Mullen, OC for the 75th ranked scoring offense in football. I'm talking about Dan Mullen. Co-orchestrator of the 3rd ranked scoring offense.

Only 36 years old, and Urban Meyer's right hand man for the past 8 seasons, Mullen would have been an ideal candidate for any head coaching position. Especially for a team running the option spread.

But not for West Virginia. Instead, WVU interviewed the 51 year old safeties coach at Florida, and ended up hiring the 55 year old tight ends coach from West Virginia. And then bringing in the QB coach from Wake Forest to run change the offense.

Congratulations to Mississippi St. Terrific hire. A young energetic, proven coordinator and recruiter.

Chip Kelley and Dan Mullen are now officially off the market.