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Grandpa Fluffy Has Rabies

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"Just because I make some positive remarks from time to time and try to keep this ship afloat, that doesn't mean Bill Stewart's a happy camper,'' Stewart said. "I'm not pleased at 8-4. I'm a hell of a lot tougher than that. I'm pleased when it's 12-0 and I still won't like things I see.''

If you were watching the game on TV Saturday night you saw a new side of HCBS. He was running up and down the sideline yelling, screaming, and about ready to beat the shit out of Sammy Morrone. It took him a while but he now realizes he can't be Smilin' Bill all the time.

However, the new fire we saw from HCBS paled in comparison to the frustration shown by Patrick White toward OC Jeff Mullen. It says a lot when one of the most classy players in Mountaineer history shows up his offensive coordinator.

Could this display by White be the death nail in Jeff Mullen's coffin? I doubt it. HCBS is not the type of guy to fire a coach after one season. However, I feel if he took a very close look at Mullen's "new and improved" passing game he would be supremely disappointed.

Saturday nights game is the perfect example of perception over reality. Many people are saying we won on Saturday because of our new passing attack. Au contraire my friends.

Last year White and JB combined for 249 yards through the air. While on Saturday White only threw for 141 yards. I'm no mathmetist but 249 is more than 141.

For me, this defines the problem with Mullen. He did not need to come in and re-invent the fucking wheel. All he needed to do was piece together Frauds paper shreds, run that offense, and call more fucking pass plays. VERY SIMPLE

Instead, he came in and changed everything for the sake change. The 25314 was right many months ago when he saw all this bullshit coming. The solution to fixing our 8-4 record is to fire Mullen and bring in someone to reinstitute our spread attack of old.

A win is a win. So, the simple fact is that HCBS did something Fraud, the man many of you still worship, could not do that the last couple of years. HCBS lead WVU to a victory over USF.

Just to be clear, fire Jeff Mullen.