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Thoughts on the Ugliest of Ugly Wins

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We're a young team, I get that. There's going to be some tough patches throughout this season. But good lord was that ugly. Still, a win is a win is a win is a road win over a probable SEC tournament team. In about three months, we'll be looking lovingly back to this win, overjoyed to have it on our resume.

A few thoughts:

  • I am 100% in favor of Huggins threatening gun violence or medieval torture against players who can't shoot free throws. And when I say players, I mean the entire team. We suck. I get the weightlifting angle, with the thought that it will improve as the season goes on. But no team should be this bad, on any level.

  • Gutsy play by Joe Mazzulla. Obviously, he wasn't his best, but even the most blackhearted among us (including: me) can respect that effort.

  • Somone needs to put an Amber Alert out for both Ebanks and Jones. Are they even still on the team?

  • Seriously, huge road win. Ole Miss might not be a marquee name, but Andy Kennedy is doing good things down there. Considering the weakness of the SEC, I think Ole Miss makes the tournament.

  • Can Dee Proby stop taking 3's? How many does he have to miss before he starts rethinking his decisions?

  • David Huertas is a good shooter, no doubt. But some of the junk in the lane that he got to go in was downright criminal. Half their gameplan was to dribble into the lane, run into people, throw up some garbage, get the foul call, and hope it went in. And I think they were like 80% on doing just that last night. Case in point: the picture above.

[photo courtesy of the Charleston Gazette]