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Pounding At The Tad Pad

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I don't know about the rest of you but I am ready to put this disappointing football season behind me and focus on basketball. It is tougher to get pumped for basketball games since there is less alcohol involved but lets change that and drink heavily for every game.

Tonight, at 9 p.m., CBH faces his old mentee Andy Kennedy in a crucial game for our Mountaineers. After a demoralizing defeat at the hands Blue Ball Nation, the Mountaineers need to make a statement on the road. With a 32-3 home record under Kennedy, getting a W could be a much tougher task than I originally thought.

Ole Miss has been besieged by injuries early on to backcourt mates Trevor Gaskins and Eniel Polynice. While these injuries should give us a better shot at a W, we cannot overlook or slack off at any time this season. (see: the loss to a horrible Kentucky team) Getting this W on the road could really help out our tournament resume, if Ole Miss makes a run through the SEC.

Considering injuries and the fact that Ole Miss still is not that deep, we should win this game 76-67.

Normally, season predictions are done before the season starts but I like to be unconventional. Looking at our remaining schedule I see WVU finishing at 22-11, which includes one win in the Big East Tourny. After that, we will make another trip to the Sweet Sixteen and could go even deeper in March if our freshmen step up.

To all those in WV the game will likely not be broadcast locally, sucks to be you. Lucky for me, the game is broadcast on Fox Sports South and I will be able to see the Mountaineers play from the comfort of my own home. We will have an open game thread this evening, so come on back during the game.