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Pat White Power

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Don't be a douchebag. Wear White to the game on Saturday.

Pat White Records:

NCAA, Big East, WVU all-time leading rusher for QB

Big East, WVU record for most TD's responsible for.

WVU career total offense.

WVU 2nd career rushing yards.

WVU 4th in passing yards, soon to be 3rd, and outside shot at 2nd.

WVU 1st completion percentage.

WVU 2nd in TD passes.

WVU 2nd in passing efficiency (only because of the huge dropoff this year...thanks, Mullen).

3 career rushing TD's behind Steve Slaton for #1 in WVU history.

Most rushing TD's in a season.

6.8 yards per carry for a CAREER.

Most wins by a WVU QB.




Again.....don't be a chode. Show your respect.