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You're Fired

Bill Stewart. Jeff Mullen. Dave Johnson.

Ok, you've had your year. You've proven your ineptitude. Goodbye.

You changed the entire offense because we lost to Pitt last year. Now instead of one bad offenseive game against Pitt, we have played 11 bad offensive games, and still lost to Pitt.

I love a good QB zone on 3rd and 9 twice in one game. I love a ridiculous trick play to the short side of the field on 3rd and goal at the 4. I love that our only TD was on a miraculous run by Pat White on an otherwise terrible 3rd and 4 call. But I especially like losing 4 games in a regular season and having your scoring drop 20 points per game when you return 9 starters on offense.

Thank you Jeff Mullen for bringing the Wake Forest field-goal offense to Morgantown. I'm going to go kill myself now, wait, not me, you.