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Eat Shit Pitt!

'Son, that's Pitt. You hate Pitt now. You hate Pitt tomorrow. You hate Pitt until the day you die. After that, you will hate Pitt for eternity.' -- Jack Fleming's Mom

Thinking about Pitt makes me want to puke, then punch a puppy. For last year's Backyard Brawl, I did not think about Pitt once. All I could think about was Bourbon Street and who we would play in the national championship game.

If last year taught me anything, it was to never overlook Pitt. If there was any positive to last year, it is that I have a new-found hatred for Pitt. With that new-found hatred, here is a list of reasons why I hate Pitt.

  1. 13-9

  2. Greg Lee and his phantom catch.

  3. They eat shit and have bad breath

  4. Dave Wannstedt's mustache

  5. Carl Krauser and his pussy ass X. Hell, all of their short, stalky ass point guards.

  6. The fact that we once had to play Pitt two-for-one. That had to suck.

  7. Mark May

  8. Dan Marino

  9. Those ugly ass mustard uniforms of the early 90's.

  10. Their bandwagon fans.

Why do you hate Pitt?