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Things I Learned This Week

Let's get right to this, shall we.

  • Pat White is good (at running). But we knew that one already.

  • This is a program very much in transition. As much as we want to bitch about playcalling, etc., we are simply trying to fit a square peg through a round hole. Complain all you want that Jock Sanders can't catch, but he wasn't really recruited to catch. He was recruited to be fast. There's a difference. Now Heastie and Long -- those guys were recruited to catch.

  • We still have no answer for short yardage situations. This is another downfall of recruiting speed regardless of size. Guys like Kerns and Alston should help.

  • Jock Sanders can catch sometimes, as evidenced by his touchdown grab.

  • Louisville's program is crumbling. The crowd turnout was pretty terrible, considering this was a school that boasted of being the new power in the Big East. Right now, they're closer to Pitt than WVU.

  • The officials in the Big East are absolutely horrid. If the Pitt/Cincinnati review debacle last week wasn't enough, how about Jarrett Brown's touchdown/not-a-touchdown review masterpiece. Just terrible.

  • I may shed a tear on December 6 for Pat's last game. He has arguably meant more to this program than anyone else (save for only Don Nehlen and possibly The Product). I hope, though, that it's more celebration than mourning. Like someone who lives a great life and dies of old age at 100, Pat's departure should be a happy event.

  • If anyone deserves a theoretical helmet musket, it's Sidney Glover. That guy was everywhere Saturday.

  • Good win. Now, if Syracuse can just put together another effort like their last at Notre Dame, we might be looking at a significantly better bowl game.