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Things That Made Me Want To Throw My Shoe

All of you can tell I am wound a little tight right now and there are many reasons for that. I live in SC, my woman lives in WV, and Lauren (my right hand) has carpel tunnel. Also, we have fans that hate and cannot congratulate. It's frustrating to deal with.

The list is not that long but there is some venom...

The BCA is a bunch of BS. They gave us a F for our coaching search because we did not interview a black candidate. We hired a coach after a huge victory, deal with it. I have a problem with their objective grading scale that judges a subjective decision. An african american coach would've been at the top of our list had he not joined Fraud's staff and lied about racist comments. CALVIN MCGEE IS A LIAR. I won't say anymore.

I do not mind criticism but blind animosity just makes you look silly. Blind animosity is when all you do is complain and never mention something positive despite some success.

After our offense looked good in two straight games I asked for apologies from those saying HCBS could do no right and all I got was silence. To me your opinion has no merit if you can't listen to and find merit in the other sides argument. Especially, when my side of the argument is right.

Can people stop saying "we" while they talk to me about the Steelers or Panthers. There is no "we." I hate the Steelers and hope Gentle Ben's arm falls off this weekend. Panthers fans better hope Steve "Ali" Smith behaves himself.

Finally, can we please paint the walls of the stadium or get some signs to hang over the side to make it look presentable. Battleship grey looks terrible and low class.