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Yet Another Out of Conference Game Saturday

Oh wait, Cincinnati is in the Big EAST? Right, my bad. I forgot.

It's almost the same exact feeling as UConn last week (just replace UConn with Cincinnati in every sentence). Once again, I know it's a decently-sized game against a frisky team, but I just can't get excited. At least UConn's basketball heritage reminds me that they're supposed to be in this conference. But Cincinnati? They're still a Conference USA team, at least until they do something of national importance (losing by 20+ to Oklahoma doesn't count).

Even in one of our worst years (imagine saying that about a 2 loss season 10 years ago), we're still running roughshod over the Big EAST. I fully expect us to go undefeated the rest of the way. In fact, there's not a doubt in mind. Maybe this is how Miami felt in the 90's -- it's us and then the rest of a mediocre conference.

I guess I just wish the rest of the Big EAST could get their shit together. Seriously, what confidence am I supposed to have when Louisville loses to Syracuse, Pitt loses to Rutgers, and USF loses to everybody? These are the other top teams in this conference and they're out there puking all over themselves. Sure, we had some early season hiccups, but the kinks are getting worked out.

Luckily, we have the Big EAST to work them out against.