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Who Should They Vote For?

It's Election Day in these United States and everyone has a huge choice in front of them. Do you vote for an experienced leader, a quirky guy that nobody takes seriously, or an excellent motivator with a checkered past? No matter who you vote for make sure you vote early and vote often.

I will not get into a political discussion here but college football pollsters will likely take into account points that resonate in this presidential election and that is just wrong. Voters should only consider a team's on-the-field performance but these idiots are human and will let emotion and connections get involved.

First, you have the elder statesmen, Joe Paterno. Joe Pa has the experience, has been nothing but a positive for his school and college football in general, and "deserves" another shot at a national title. Sure, he is a little senile and is known for having a temper. Just remember, he was a maverick getting State Penn to join the Big Eleven.

Second, you have the quirky Mike Leach. Leach has accomplished great things in an unconventional matter and is always under the radar when it comes to national attention. Nobody wants him to win because his style is way to anti-establishment for the current football powers.

I could spend all day watching videos with Mike Leach. The guy is absolutely hilarious.



Finally, you have the enthusiastic motivator Nick Saban. He may be a great speaker and have some pretty good plans but his past gives you pause in supporting him. His word is worth about as much that AIG stock.

Sure, he says he loves 'Bama but his agent did contact WVU when we had an opening. Will he even be the coach once the championship rolls around? Hell, he could leave for the Arena Football League this time.


I urge the pollsters to make the right decision and don't consider who is coaching the team. Watch the games and make a decision based what you see on the field. Reward the players, not the coaches. If the game were played tomorrow it should be 'Bama v. Texas Tech.

Of course, this could all be for not if 'Bama, State Penn, or Texas Tech lose before the final poll. My hope is that all three blast through their remaining games to cause a huge BCS clusterfuck. It will take a State Penn or 'Bama caliber team being left out of a title game to cause the BCS to move toward a playoff.