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New Suites Are On Their Way

The press box/suites expansion at Mountaineer Field has been hinted at more and more over the past few months. Well, in the past week, an informational packet detailing the plan was sent to upper-level MAC members. And since anyone named Charley West must be a millionaire playboy who has loads of disposable cash, I was included on the mailing list. Actually, a friend stole it from his boss and gave it to me, but the moral of the story is basically the same: the new suites are on their way.

More pictures after the jump....

Note: There is also a rendering of the suites' exterior floating around. Being the enterprising journalists we are, we're working on tracking it down. I don't care if I have to sleep with every single cheerleader, or selected members of the women's soccer and volleyball teams, I will find that picture.