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You'd Think Drugs Would Do The Trick, But No

This just doesn't do it for me.

Seriously, Saturday's game against UConn is a big game.


I keep telling myself that, over and over. And over and over. It's the top two teams in the Big EAST squaring off for control of the conference's BCS bid. It's actually a huge game. But it's still UConn. And as much as I try to fool myself, it always comes back to, "it's still UConn."

Out of all the new conference teams, UConn is probably the one that feels least like a big-time program, at least to me. Even with what's at stake this weekend, I can't make myself get excited. Trust me, I've tried. I've tried cocaine to get myself amped up. I chugged a whole pot of coffee. I even swallowed like 14 No-Doz and then drank 47 Mountain Dews. Still, nothing.

So, if you have any ideas on how I can get excited about this game, please let me know. Because, as of right now, I am seriously looking past a team towards Cincinnati. Sad, isn't it?