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Don't Be A Panty Dropper

I don't know if it is good or scary that HCBS is taking the fans' advice so seriously. On Friday, I suggested that we temper our expectations and realize it was only one game.

I did not think this would resonate but after a summer of press conferences that did nothing but raise our expectations, it seems HCBS is shaking things up and trying to lower expectations entering the final five games of the season. His Sunday press conference was a smörgåsbord of coach speak. Everything from, "taking it one game at a time," to calling UConn a "juggernaut."

While HCBS will not come right out and say it, I will. Mountaineer fans are fucking mentally insane sometimes. I am as batshit crazy as the next guy but reactions this season have been a little overboard.

Calling for a coach to be fired after one loss in his first season is batshit crazy. Calling for a coach to be fired after three straight wins is really fucking batshit crazy. Thinking we could get back into the national title picture after one solid win is so batshit crazy that you should probably stop doing so much blow.

I am sure it happens everywhere, to a certain extent, but I don't think any fanbase is as much up and down with their football team as us West "By God" Virginians. We get beat, it is the end of the world. We win by more than 20 and we are the best team in the nation that gets no respect.

The state and our Mountaineers have been beaten down time after time but we keep coming back as strong as ever. HCBS understands our emotional torment and wants us to keep us levelheaded for a change. So lets just take it one game at a time and not go batshit crazy after one game.