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Fight To The Death With Chip Malafronte

Actually, I just asked him some questions, and he answered them, so that headline might be a misleading.

Either way, Chip is the UConn football beat writer for the New Haven Register. He also is the proprieter of "Runway Ramblings," a very good UConn football blog which has been linked from this site for months (I highly recommend it). We exchanged a little Q&A this afternoon to help get everyone a little more prepared for this week's big game. And if you're surprised about hearing the words "UConn football" and "big game" used together, join the club.

My questions and Chip's answers after the jump...

I hate to sound full of myself (actually, that's not true), but what would beating WVU do for UConn as a program?

No need to think you're feeling full of yourself. A win on Saturday would be huge. West Virginia is the only team in the conference UConn hasn't beaten yet (now that Cincinnati is taken care of), but there's a difference. A win over WVU, especially in a game that would be for a share of first place, would be a real feather in the cap for a young program. Folks were extremely happy with the win over Cincy, but I'd expect to see the fans rush the field with a win over WVU.

You guys can obviously run the ball. Can you throw it? If so, would you kindly not on Saturday. Our secondary would greatly appreciate it.

I'll pass that along to coach Edsall Tuesday when I see him. UConn can throw it. Kind of. They passed 42 times against Cincinnati. Problems: only 18 were completed and none for touchdowns. The latter isn't a big deal. But 18-for-42 is a concern. Also, no one really knows if Cody Endres will start again or if Zach Frazer is ready after his second concussion in two months suffered at Rutgers. Both are very similar in style (Frazer has a slightly better arm), so it's not like choosing between Pat White and, well, anyone else on the planet.

Rentschler Field sure looks like a nice place. Obviously the new stadium is a great addition, but how has the location (in Hartford, rather than Storrs) helped or hurt UConn football?

I think it's helped the state, but hurt the students. It's an absolute pain in the rear end to get to Storrs from anywhere in the state of Connecticut (except Storrs, of course). East Hartford is an easily accessible location right off major highways, and is centrally located in Connecticut. However, it's about a 30 minute drive from campus, so students are a bit put out to get there.

UConn +3, at home, for control of the Big EAST. Where's your money?

I'm going to get crucified for this, but as of today it's on WVU for two reasons. UConn has trouble in games like this, and WVU seems to be hitting its stride. But, the Huskies are undefeated in their last 11 home games, so, depending on what happens with the QB, I could be swayed to change before the week is out.