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Someone Get This Man A Tissue

I kid you not, this was actually posted on the Marshall Rivals board. Seriously, a man, presumably sobbing gently and standing on a ledge somewhere in Huntington, took the time to type this diatribe. WVU's success has affected him so much that he is losing the will to live. That's taking Marshall's jealousy to a whole new level.

So, without further ado, I give you the saddest thing ever...

I love our town, our team, our University, and our fans. I havent been on for a couple weeks, b/c of frustration levels beyond understanding.

But I have been really bothered by something lately, and maybe some other viewpoints can help ease my frustration. Why do dickheads like WVU get to celebrate and smile while good people and schools like ours suffer? I'm serious, it seems like the whole good kharma badd kharma crap is reversed when it comes to us and them.

We have great fans who many say they were treated well and would love to come back, while they have visitors write on sporting news and tell them they are a**holes, yet they get more exposure. We have a town that is filled with loyalty and people hungry for work and growth, while they get put in some magazine saying they are one of the best small towns.

They start off struggling and turn around and look solid again, we start off good and now are struggling. I try not to hate WVU, but I am so tired of the BS. We as a community have gone through alot, enough that there was a national movie made about us, but we seem to be going backwards.

Why is this? How can this even be possible? I heard them jackasses say on CSS the other day that WVU looks to be the team in the Big East again. I mean WTF? This needs to change.