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Tajh Boyd...HE GONE

Tajh Boyd and the BAMF (bad ass mother fucker) that he is, has decided to look elsewhere and pulled his verbal from WVU. He has every right to do this and I don't fault him one bit. Losing Boyd's commitment is the first real repercussion of having an offense that is unable to move the ball. These coaches need to show their recruiting prowess and get this kid back on board.

From his comments it appears as if he is serious about not even considering WVU any more. I hope this is Josh Jenkins esque but he has no ties to WVU, so it ain't looking good folks. It is also very likely that Logan Heastie will also pull his commitment if we don't turn things around very quickly.

Being an eternal optimist I feel that when we right the offensive ship Boyd will remember what he loved about WVU in the first place and decide to come back on board. However, I have this pit in my stomach thinking something isn't right. Is Beatty headed elsewhere or is something else afoot inside the program?

No matter what happens, I wish Boyd the best of luck with his decision. His best decision would be to come here but that may not be what happens. STAY TUNED