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Rodriguez's Agent Contacts Clemson

Damn bro, that was quick.

With the ink on Tommy Bowden's dismissal not even dry, "The Product's" agent (Mike Brown, seen here) has contacted Clemson to show interest in the job. I knew Fraud would look to move on to greener pastures but this was so fast and slutty even a sorority girl would be proud.

The Product is ready to declare himself a Clemson man. Tired of always having to look presentable, Rodriguez longs to return to the days he could show up for work in Clemson in overalls. Rodriguez has always felt most comfotable in jorts and shirts without sleeves, therefore Clemson is a logical choice. He is, indeed, a Clemson man.

So, Michigan fans, be prepared for quick and painful exit. We don't expect it to be pretty. This pull-out could be as dirty as a Ron Jeremy facial. Somewhere, even Bobby Petrino is jealous. Our sources tell us that Rod has been unhappy with Michigan since early 2008, when Michigan administration politely declined to name him "Führer und Reichskanzler" of the Athletic Department.

Stay tuned to this developing story...