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Take A Redshirt

Reed Williams, please take a medical redshirt and come back next season. Your experience, leadership, and play making ability would be invaluable to next year's defense. After two games you are hurting again and questionable for the game against Rutgers.

Do you really want to spend your senior season wondering from week to week if you will be able to play? Take a medical redshirt and sit out a year. You are a fierce competitor but it appears as if time-off is best for the team and for your health. Take the season to get stronger, rest your shoulders, and build on your already vast knowledge of the defense and the teams you will be facing.

We will need you to be the team leader next season after Patrick graduates. The defense will have more experienced next season and with your leadership could be one of the best in the country. We will support whatever decision you make but give serious thought to a medical redshirt.