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What Is That Smell?

Normally, West Virginia ships its trash to New Jersey but this Saturday the trash will be sent back our way as Rutgers visits Morgantown. The Schiano Knights are coming off a HUGE win against FCS opponent Morgan State. Now that is a win you can build your program around.

Rutgers has never won in Morgantown and look to continue that tradition by building on its 1-3 season record with a loss to the Mountaineers on Saturday. While I will not be in attendance I can picture the scene now.

Wavy lines and that doooodoooodooodooodooodooo noise….

The banks of the Mon will be littered with sunbathers as Jersey shore whores drive south for the game. Grant and High Street will be extra greasy as Lee Hotti's stalk the sidewalks looking for women to offend and steroids to take. Mountaineer Field will be sold out and liquored up for the Big East opener. Chants of "Fuck New Jersey (clap clap clap clap clap)" will constantly be heard from the student section.

The WVU offense will move the ball up and down the field circa 2001. Devine will break a 50+ yard TD run, White will throw for 2 TD's and rush for another, and Mullen will call a great game. The defense will continue to be stingy and force 2 turnovers. The result of this will be for the Jersey trash to leave by the end of the third quarter. WVU 48 - Rutgers 10


Rutgers is finally remembering that it is a college football doormat that needs to suck. I will slap you if you say Rutgers downfall is a negative for the Big East. If Rutgers sucks that means Syracuse can begin getting quality recruits again.

A return to prominence for Syracuse is what the Big East really needs. Syracuse has prestige and tradition, not to mention a ton of ESPN anchors and national sportscasters are OrangeMEN. More positive attention for the Big East cannot hurt when it comes to future polls.

Old but funny as fuck.