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OK, That Was 100% Decent

Decent win Saturday.

Think it was great? Good? Awesome? Fucking spectacular? A lot of Mountaineer fans did. I didn't. Decent is as far as I will go.

We went out and executed everything pretty well Saturday. The running game rolled up our once customary 300+ yards. The passing game took just enough pressure off the running game. No mistakes in special teams. And our defense shut down Marshall, to the tune of 158 yards. Not too shabby.

But then again, it was Marshall -- a team we were favored over by two touchdowns and would have been favored by four had the first month of the season not happened. Then, as if that wasn't enough, the Thundering Herd decided to take a cyanide pill everytime they got the ball in a crucial situation. A much less talented team handed us the game on a silver platter -- hooray!

Even so, we won, and I can be happy about that. Earlier in the week, Stewart refused to call this game a "must-win." As a fan with loaded firearms and an itchy trigger finger, I can tell him that this game was absolutely a must-win. If we had lost that game, Stewart would have been better off in Morgantown going under the alias "Rich Rodriguez." Tells you a little something about how this year has gone.

While I am only calling this win decent, there was a lot shown on the field that we can build on. All of a sudden, I'm not so doomsday on Syracuse and Rutgers (not that I was ever truly doomsday about either). Win those next two, get to 4-2. build some momentum, and beat Auburn.

All of a sudden, it doesn't sound so hard.