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Yeah, I Guess I'll Go To The Game

...but only because there's beer.

Seriously, this has what it has come to with me. I don't even really want to go. The past few weeks as a fan have completely zapped me of any energy and enthusiasm I had towards this team and program. And you can't even call me a pessimist or a bandwagon-jumper. Hell, I started a damn WVU blog -- don't think I'm a big fan?

I already know what's going to happen, too. We're going to win by 14-17 points in completely uninspiring fashion, and I'm going to leave the stadium trying to figure out just how we're going to beat awful Rutgers and Syracuse teams. But I will be walking out of the stadium, which means I had to go into the stadium, which means I went to the game.

...but only because there's beer.