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Things That Make Me Want To Throw My Shoe

I will be wearing the above boat shoes on Saturday. If you are hit with one of them, I'm sorry, I have really bad aim. I have a feeling I will want to throw them at fans more than the football team or coaches. While I am upset with our football teams performance, I am just as pissed at our fan's reaction to everything.

Nonsense and stupidity to follow...


Legitimately talking about firing a football coach after 4 games and a 2-2 record is absurd. It makes us look like a bunch of hot-headed hillbillies that burnt our ass on the gas log stove in living room. We need to calm down, for now.


Reading message boards and listening to call-in shows I get the feeling that our fans would rather be right about their doom and gloom predictions, rather than see the team succeed. The "see I told you so" mentality and jumping on and off the bandwagon just diminishes your opinions. Quotes like, "I hope we lose out so Stew is fired...I knew he was going to fail." Make me want to beat you. If you say that, you are not a fan, you are fucking idiot.


You never hear Marshall fans talking about their team. It is really sad that Marshall fans love to see us fail more than seeing their own team win. All they talk about these days is our record and how bad we are. Be proud of your team, even if they are irrelevant. Y'all have a decent team but you have no shot at Mountaineer Field. Thanks for your money now get the fuck out of town.


If we beat Marshall by 3 or 4 scores I want all of the people that are beating on HCBS now say one nice thing about him next week. I know that won't happen because most of you would rather be correct than see us win.


Also, don't forget my attempts to change the first down cheer to OOOOOOOOO W-V-U clap FIRSTDOWN.