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On Location: Boulder

I'm here in the sunshine state waiting for kickoff, and a magnificent stadium, whose scoreboard read COLORADO 88 WEST VIRGINIA 87, as the team went through walk-throughs yesterday. Personally, I would take 87 points a loss. It sure beats 3 points.

Colorado students are getting ready for a black-out, selling black Tees that say everything from "Colorado knows how to black out" to "GO PLAY INTRAMURALS, BROTHER!"

Most likely, however, the hippies out here will just wear their skull caps in 80 degree weather, jeans, coffee shop glasses, and play on their Macs. While they smell like unshowered hemp.

To be fair, I saw more hot slutty girls in see-through sun dresses yesterday than I could yell obscenities. Here's a little video on how it made me feel.