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Mullen Mauled

No, there was not a tiger attack in Morgantown last night. However, Mullen did get beat down pretty good on the Statewide Sportsline. Almost every caller bashed his motion offense and questioned every facet of his offensive game plan against ECU.

Normally, our fan base is somewhat out of touch with reality on these call-in shows but last night most callers really knew their stuff. I only punched myself twice because of a caller's statement.

Not to get off topic, but when you end a call please don't say, "I'm going to hang up now and listen to what you have to say." NO SHIT. Of course you are going to hang up and listen. I thought you were going to take over for Tony the remainder of the show.

Why do you feel the need to tell everyone what you are about to do? Do you announce your intentions to do something throughout your day? "Honey, I'm about to piss on the toilet seat." "Hey Tom, I'm going to fart as I walk by your cubicle." Or, "Honey, I'm going to penetrate your butthole and pretend it was an accident, OOPS." Just end the call by saying, "Thanks" and then hang-up.

Mullen took every question, comment, and awkward moan like a man. Fraud would have pissed his panties after one call and ended the call-in portion. I applaud him for at least attempting to answer every question and taking the blame for the offensive performance. I also got the feeling that he actually wanted to make adjustments and improve the offense.

He realized we were dominated from the point of attack and could not get any movement up front. Even White and Devine need little hole to run through. He promised things would change but only time will tell. Let's hope that it was not lip service and he actually makes some adjustments to improve what was once one the most consistent offenses in the nation.

Finally, did anyone notice the little shot Mullen took at the S & C coach?? Is there dissension in the ranks already?