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Things That Made Me Want To Throw My Shoe

This past weekend I made the long boring journey from the low country of SC to the hills of Morgantown. While I was not able to watch a ton of the other college football action this weekend, I do have some insightful observations that will surely rattle a few cages.

The ACC is, top to bottom, the worst BCS conference in all the land. The Big East, however, is only slightly above them right now. So tread lightly my Big East brethren because with a couple slip ups next week the constant bashing you hear on sports talk radio will be aimed at us.

Congrats to the WVU students for showing up early but they really need to shut the fuck up. You are whiney, petulant little children. All the bullshit whimpering about the ticketing system and how it is the Maniacs fault some people did not get tickets through the lottery. You cannot bitch about having to wait for "on-demand" ticketing to get a student ticket and then leave at halftime. I have held back for a long time but the students need to have a section of seats taken away. What is that you say? Your section makes the most noise? Sorry, I couldn't hear you from the parking lot.

Also, to the students that were not awarded tickets during the lottery and then bashed the Maniacs, SHUT UP. If you love Mountaineer football so damn much why not pay a few dollars next spring, get a free t-shirt, and be guaranteed seats next year. Once you are done with school you have to make a much larger donation to be guaranteed seats for the games. SHUT UP YOU FUCKING LITTLE BITCHES

I don't know about anyone else but the atmosphere during the first half was electric and something I have not felt at Mountaineer Field in a long time. There was a buzz and no sense of impending doom. The fans around me were overly positive and complementary of Bill Stewart and his assistant coaches. While it will be almost impossible for this attitude to continue, I see no reason to worry from the Villanova performance. Sure the D had some holes but other than USC, every college team needs to improve in one area or another.

Hurricane Hanna blows. That reminds me one of my favorite pick-up lines. "ME: Let's go back to my place and play Hurricane. Ho: How do you play that? Me: I try to remain stadning while you blow the hell out of me." For me, however, there is a silver lining because I'm evacuating from Charleston, SC to Greenville, NC for the game. I hope everyone stays safe and don't try to kite surf.