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Official Big EAST Football Power Poll (Week #1)

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There is nothing more important in college football than the polls. Polls are everywhere, whether they be polls of the media, polls of the coaches, or polls of other polls. Quite simply, they are the lifeblood of the sport. In fact, the games themselves are just a pastime until the newest polls are released (look for, coming soon).

We at WBGV, with our fingers so connected to the pulse of college football that we're restricting its blood-flow, have decided to take action. Hencetoforthorsomethingorother, we're starting our own poll.

It won't be your usual poll. Nay! It will be the best poll ever created. It will definitively tell you who is the best team in the Big EAST. Why will it be the best? Because it will use random, non-football related reasons to come up with the rankings (hey, just like every other poll!).

The only catch: you, loyal WBGV readers, have to guess what the criteria is. Post your best hunch in the comments, and we will provide you with hints throughout the day.

  1. Syracuse

  2. Rutgers

  3. UConn

  4. Pitt

  5. WVU

  6. Cincinnati

  7. Louisville

  8. USF