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Unusually Pumped About Our Newest Commit

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  1. He's German.

  2. He's an athletic freak.

  3. He's learned English from both school and rap music

"His academic growth has followed his athletic growth (this summer)," Walker said. "We were coming home from West Virginia and I said, 'How'd you learn to English so well?' He said, 'From school and rap music.'"

What's not to like?

With only a year of American experience, DE Curtis Feight was already offered by us and Boston College. He was also likely on his way to offers from Rutgers, Penn State, Maryland, and Syracuse. At 6'6" and 270 pounds, Feight already has an NFL-type frame. With another year of high school, he could be a major sleeper for the Mountaineers.

Also, my chances of seeing Dirk Nowitzki drunk in a bar in Morgantown just increased by 0.001%.

[Thanks Mike Casazza]