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Pitt's Tricky Gameplan Not All That Tricky

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Pitt, fresh off its upset victory over WVU third consecutive season without a bowl, has decided to ramp up their offense. How, you ask? Simple: take carries away from one of the most heralded running backs in the country, LaSean McCoy.

In a word, brilliant. I can't wait to see how successful this turns out.

"The reality is we have two starting tailbacks," Pitt running backs coach David Walker said. "They are both going to play a lot and they are both going to play together at times because when we put them out there together it opens up a whole new challenge for defenses trying to stop us."

Actually, it really doesn't. All defenses have to do is cover LaSean McCoy and leave Stephens-Howling wide open. Seems pretty simple to me.

McCoy added, "With both of us out there, you have no idea who is getting the ball and that makes us both more dangerous."

No, you getting the ball is dangerous. Stephens-Howling getting the ball is retarded. Any carries that Stephens-Howling gets over you is a blessing from heaven itself. Any coach who would actively choose to give Stephens-Howling the ball is a moron.

Thank you Lord and Savior for your creation of Dave Wannstedt. Well done indeed, good sir.

"That is what made West Virginia so good, they had Pat White, Steve Slaton and Noel Devine back there, that's a lot to deal with. Hopefully people will say the same thing about us."

No, they won't. No one will say that. I promise you.
Stephens-Howling and McCoy are not just backfield partners, they have become best friends. They refer to themselves as Mario and Luigi in reference to Nintendo's Mario Brothers and have used that friendship to push each other.

Mario and Luigi were brother plumbers who fought the evil Bowser in Mushroom Kingdom. You are just two guys who came up with a pretty gay nickname for yourselves. What, were Ace and Gary already taken?

[HT: Pitt Post-Gazette, via Pitt Blather; picture courtesy of Rants and Raves]