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Mark May Hates, Threatened By Children

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Sure, they have all the innocence and enthusiasm of youth. Sure, they look to have a combined age of seven. And sure, they even talk a little playful smack. So what have these children done wrong? Plenty, at least according to Mark May.

Yeah, he seems happy enough at first, telling us the kids were "great." Whatever. Inevitably, we always see the evil, petty side of Mark May.

Watch the show more? Again, they're small children. They have bedtimes and blankies and monsters under their beds. They also need to be watching educational shows, like Sesame Street and Closing Bell on CNBC. If we want them to grow up not retarded, College Football Live isn't exactly must-see TV at this point. Especially when you're on the show.

And calling out their score predictions? Again, they're children Mark. Children. Just be glad they can count to 24. I know I'm proud of you every time you count to 24...and you're a grown man.

Unfortunately, a grown man who talks shit to children.