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Hindsight: Hot Damn What A Fantastic Decision

As far as I am concerned, Coach Stew is already 1-0 on the season (2-0 if you count Villanova, 3-0 if you count Syracuse). Why? Because he chose to not to renew redshirt-freshman Kendall Washington's scholarship. Sure, back in May, it was a decision that didn't seem all that consequential to anything, save for maybe our depth at wide receiver. But today, that decision is proving just a tad more valuable.

The man told police the masked robber came to his bedroom as he slept, demanded money and jewelry, then shot him twice.

The victim couldn't see the gunman's face, but city police have charged former St. Thomas Aquinas High School football star Kendall M. Washington with aggravated robbery and felonious assault. A grand jury now will take a look at the evidence to see if he should stand trial.
I think I speak for all West Virginia fans when I say, "WHEW!" That was certainly a close one. Either Stew is a fantastic judge of character or he has finally developed a reliable means of time travel. Personally, my bet is on time travel, which should make play-calling much, much easier this year.

Also, thankfully, our Fulmer Cup rep should be saved upon reconsideration.