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Product Rodriguez

Mike Brown is officially the worst person alive. (It's amazing how I was originally embarrassed for Joe Manchin's stupidity when he blamed Rich Rod's agent for everything, but now I somewhat agree. Although, obviously, the ultimate blame rests with the man who hired him and made the final decision.)

Chuck Finder isn't too far behind.

Seriously, the guy gets an early copy of Mike Garrison's deposition (gee, I wonder how) and then his only reactionary source is Dusty Freaking Rutledge, who says that Rich Rodriguez wouldn't dare use profanity or disparage W.V. Denying that Rich Rod wouldn't curse is like denying that Dusty Rutledge wouldn't eat the last slice box of pizza.

Additionally, Finder said Steve Farmer "arbitrarily" picked the $4 million figure, after Farmer spent a great portion of his deposition explaining the potential damages to West Virginia and the need for a reasonable buyout. Then Finder said that Farmer negotiated Huggins new deal, which directly contradicts what Farmer said....Sometimes I wake up in the morning and thank God that I'm not Finder - unethical, poor, stupid, mustachioed, and from Pittsburgh. (I'm looking at you too, Dave Wandstedt.)

And lets not forget Mike Parson who admits to being against the new locker rooms. This clown would be content with 8 wins a year. We are just now replacing two embarrasingly out of date scoreboards, we have a 65 yard IPF (I think an official field is somewhere around 100), and made the laziest football coaching hire I've ever seen. If I'm not mistaken the old locker room didn't even fit the entire team, and was 28 years old. It would be nice to have a pro-active, not re-active athletic department. One which provides the facilities and tools before the coach asks or thinks to ask.

And then there's Product Rodriguez, who asked to be athletic director, himself. I won't discuss him, as my explosive fits of rage thinking about that snake in the grass would prove too much for my delicate keyboard.

But, I remember thinking when Rich Rod was screaming at Greg Hunter on the radio - "I plan to be at WVU as long as they'll have me" - that he was leaving himself an out by not explaining what "as long as they'll have me" meant. I didn't think it meant until he no longer found WV to be so f@#$ special.