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The Mock Turtle on Ebanks, Jones

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Billy Hahn, aka "The Mock Turtle," joined other WVU coaches on a trip last week through Charley West (the town, not your author, because that would be gross). During that trip, he had some interesting insights and comments on this most recently signed recruiting class.

The most interesting was this little tidbit (and I'm slightly paraphrasing):

"Devin Ebanks is a great player, but the coaches like Kevin Jones more."

This is not that bold of a statement when you remember Kevin Jones is the #29 ranked player according to Scout. Comments like this also put our recruiting class in the proper perspective.

That perspective? It's fucking insanely good.

Devin Ebanks is the highest ranked player ever brought in to Morgantown and the coaches like another player better? Wow. Actually, more like wowowowowowowowoweeeeeeeeeewow.

The spotlight Ebanks has attracted should allow other top-end recruits, like Jones and Truck Bryant (Davis may not qualify, so he's a question mark at this point) to achieve success without that extra added pressure. It's amazing what you can accomplish when you have a ton of talent and you're not expected to go for 20 points every night. Jones and Bryant can simply learn the system, play their game, and contribute quality minutes off the bench.

It's a formula that worked well for Joe Mazzulla, and it should continue to work for Jones and Bryant.