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ACC Raids Big East Again!

The ACC, the red headed step child of BCS conferences, has done it again to the Big East. But this time they raided the commissioner's office. Yes, you heard right John Swofford has somehow convinced Big East commissioner Mike Tranghese to leave his post and take a position with the ACC.

This shocking news is quickly sweeping across the college sports world and really has people talking. Klempson fan Cletus Johnny was quoted as saying, "We needs some good folks up therrre in the big offices 'cause ACC football stinks worse than a hog on a wet Tuesday afternoon."

When reached for comment WVU Athletic Director Ed Pastilong said, "I don't recall who that person is."

Competent athletic directors would say Tranghese is one of the main reasons the Big East has returned to national prominence after the original ACC raid. Others say don't let the door hit ya were the good lord split ya.

The Big East has won its last three BCS games but what did Tranghese do to help those teams? Did he call the plays? No. Did he break two 51 yard runs against Georgia? No. Did he run around the Oklahoma defense? No.

What he did do, however, was secure very lucrative television contracts with ESPN/ABC to televise Big East football and basketball. Packaging those two sports together was a stroke of genius and helped Big East schools maintain financial balance.

He will be missed but a conferences success ultimately comes down to how the teams play on the field. The ACC could hire Steve Jobs as commish and ACC football would still be horrible.

However, Mike Tranghese is simply stepping down in 2009 and not joining the ACC.