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I Like Swimming With Bowlegged Women

I’ve only been gone a couple weeks and Mountaineer athletics have seemingly gone down the pooper. What the hell are y’all doing up there? Don’t make me come back up there and straighten you guys out.

Huggins does a face plant at the Charlotte airport. Keith Dewitt pulls his commitment from the 2009 class. Fraud did not assume the fetal position and cry after being questioned by WVU lawyers.

While I respect WVU's lawyers, how can they not ask Fraud, flat out, whether he is a lying sack of excrement? He would obviously say no, which is a lie because he is a HUGE sack of shit and then we could jail him for perjury. Of course, I'm not even a lawyer so what the hell do I know.

What is that you say? Pat White was named a Playboy All-American, our football recruits continue to impress scouts, and the Coliseum improvements have gotten underway. Who cares, let's only look at the negatives for a while here people.

Screw it, who am I kidding, every day that passes is a great day to be a Mountaineer because it is one day closer to Eddie Stayedtolongs resignation. After reading his deposition I've come to realization that he has no business as head of this athletic department. Answering, "I don't recall" to half the questions that were asked does nothing to help in the suit against Fraud. Instead of saying, "I don't recaly" say, "Coach Rod is a liar and owes WVU 4 million dollars." All you can do is shake your head and hope he retires before 2010.

On top of deposition is the fact that he played no part in negotiating Huggins lifetime contract. It is embarrassing to have an AD that has no power and hires clowns (Mike Parsons). Clowns may be really scary but they belong in Marshall's athletic department, not WVU's.