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Fast Eddie Gets Deposed

If you have two and half hours to kill (get a job, hippie) and are interested in curling up by the fire for a nice read, might I suggest the Deposition of Ed Pastilong for the WVU Board of Governors v. Richard Rodriguez.

It's a page turner that Matt Christopher would be proud of, with many twist and turns, cliff hangers, comedic relief, a villain (Rod), a hero...sort of (Pastilong), and court jester (Dusty Rutledge, who's relationship, I like to imagine, with 'Richard Rodriguez' was probably something like this).


Rodriguez's lawyer, Robon (a Toledo Law School grad...Rod really spared no expense of this guy), proves himself to be an average lawyer (he frequently jumped from topic to topic and back again like a disoriented Alzheimer's patient, repeated identical questions every couple of hours- admitting he had forgotten to write down Pastilong's answers and scratch them off his list, and was not sharp on his own clients facts - for example, WVU's lawyers had to correct him the buyout figure in Rodriguez's first alterred contract), and even more offensive in my opinion, an unknowledgable sports fan.

Some highlights: Bob Knight is the football coach at Texas A&M, Bob Huggins left WVU for another job, Mal Moore, like George Michael Bluth, is apparently a fan of the Jerky Boys, WVU has gone to bowls "two straight years", among others. In fairness, Pastilong referred to John Beilein as our former "baseball" coach.

Of course, Pastilong does not admit to having much of a memory. He 'doesn't recall' practically anything...ever. Makes you feel safe knowing that not only is Eddie normally blacked out behind the wheel of his car, but also on the job. I remember where I was, and the conversations I had when Rod was flirting with Michigan - it was only 5 months ago -and yet Pastilong pulls a Frank the Tank..."what happened, I blacked out."

It was interesting to see Pastilong admit to personally speaking with Jimbo Fisher, which means Jimbo breached HIS contract at Florida State. And probably means that Jimbo was ours until Pastilong screwed it up.

As much fun as it was reading this depo, I can't wait for Rod's. I haven't been this pumped for a sequel since Seriously Dude, Where's My Car was a possibility.